Starting kindergarten is not easy for parents or children. It is a time of change in which both the parents and children will have to adapt to the new situation. It should be noted that not all parents will decide to take their children to kindergarten. Some prefer to wait for school. This decision is greatly determined by each family's personal circumstances and economic and working conditions.

If you have decided that your little one will start kindergarten, the first thing to do is find the most suitable place and determine the date on which the little one will start, and you must also take into account what products will be necessary for this step.

Comfortable clothes and shoes

One of the most important things will be that the little ones wear really comfortable clothes so they can move and play easily. Also, they are not complicated clothes to fasten and unbutton, thus, facilitating the change of diapers when necessary.

They should be clothes that can be washed in the washing machine quickly and withstand many washing items since they may stain frequently.

A small backpack with your name

The most practical thing is to carry a small backpack, with your name on it, so that there is no confusion, where you will have to put one or two complete changes. Also, it will be essential to mark all clothes so that nothing can be lost.

A bottle of water

Another accessory that will have to be carried is a bottle of water. Although it will not be recommended for infants, it will be adequate for older children since they will drink water more efficiently and independently.

​Hygiene items

Another important part will be the trousseau of hygiene items, which will generally be wet wipes, a comb, diapers, and a small towel. For nap time, the little one can also have what he likes the most, such as a stuffed animal or a blanket.

If they take any medication, it is highly recommended that parents write a list of what their little one needs and when it will be given. 


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