HP or Hewlett-Packard is an information technology brand and company that primarily develops computers and printers. HP started as a rough laptop workstation that lacked proper computer design optimization but is now one of the best companies out there to purchase an excellent quality computer from. Recently, HP has converted its production and manufacturing efforts to better suit various users nationwide. 

When you are browsing for a new computer, a wide range of factors come into play. 
Considering all of this, HP is an excellent choice and here is why:


HP has been a top competitor in the PC market for over 50 years now. Over time HP has become known for its reliability and quality of design. Everyone wants a computer that they can depend on. 

Top of the Market

In 2018, Laptop Mag named HP as one of the top two leading IT brands. HP has a market share above 22%, which could only mean that customers acknowledge HP’s endurance and substantial worth. 

Streamlined Design

If you are looking for a computer system that looks as beautiful on the outside as it is effective on the inside. HP has been complimented for its simplistic, aesthetically pleasing, and upscale looking PC’s. For example, HP’s x360 variety of modifiable laptops in South Africa have a sleek appearance despite whatever mode you choose to work with it on- whether it’s in the notebook, tent, stand, or tablet position. 

Suits Everyone

Based on the extent of success HP has had in the PC market, they can spend time working on improving their systems optimization, operation, design, etc. They also have the funds and use them in a manner that continues to bring customer’s satisfaction with their products. 


HP has a reputation for developing reliable PCs; however, if customers find themselves experiencing issues with their computer system, HP employs a great staff who are happy to help and walk you through fixing the problem. If your laptop needs repair and is under warranty, HP will pay the shipping fees included with getting it repaired.

Reliable System

When it comes to developing products that will last, HP takes it very seriously. Many revisions are involved over the years to get to this reliable point. Their PC’s are great for all-day use because of their strong and long-lasting battery. HP computers are so reliable that the military used them for testing. This process involved dropping the products from 30 inches high about twenty-six times on every side and edge, being shocked with electricity, and other functions that involved testing temperature, humidity, and altitude.


HP has developed and refined features that ensure its customer’s data is protected. These features are: 
HP Sure Start: BIOS auto-recovery protection includes technology that self-preserves. 
HP Sure Run: Guaranteed running of applications when malicious sources are working to shut them down. 
HP Sure Recover: Reconstructs images of your system using network connections.
HP Sure Click: Protects your system from harmful files on the web. 
HP Sure View: Protects against visual hacking.


Highly credited for their user experience optimization, HP is one of the leading markets to find the best technologies to attain this. HP keeps up with the times to ensure its users are navigating their system easily and enjoyably.  
Last year, HP announced a brand-new laptop design that would provide a dual screen for gaming's primary purpose. This unique design allows users to view another screen and while simultaneously using another. This is helpful for gamers that want to chat with friends online while playing their game. 

Sleek Display

HP monitors also have a reputation for sharp visuals with fantastic clarity and a wide range of colors. Last year, HP introduced a huge 65-inch G-Sync gaming monitor and updated the screen on their Omen 15 gaming laptop to a 240Hz screen. HP was the first IT brand to implement the 240Hz screen onto a gaming monitor

Upscale Value

HP has so much to offer with hundreds of streamlined features, high end monitors with 240 Hz displays, convertible laptops with several modes of operation, sleek design, high performance, a reliable system that lasts, etc. all to provide customers with security and the feeling of utilizing high tech material. These visually appealing laptops with an adequate performance good enough to execute compute-heavy applications and functions. 


HP is one of the leading computer brands nationwide, which causes them to be easily tracked physically and online. When you are browsing for new computers, HP will be one of the first systems you see, and that is because of its supreme status and quality. Another wonderful thing about HP computers is that they are great for those on a budget. Their prices range very wide and even the least expensive computers you see in their catalog run with the same quality as their higher-end products


Consider the pros, cons, and your wants before deciding. Hopefully with an open mind and the reasons can show if switch is the choice for you.

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