Segway-Ninebot has presented the concept of an electric motorcycle with a hydrogen-electric drive. The Segway Apex H2 should be available from 2023. Segway is known to the general public for its self-balancing two-wheelers. But the group, now owned by the Chinese company Ninebot, has a much broader portfolio. These include e-bikes and electric scooters.

The electric motor should have an output of 80 hp and accelerate from 0-100 km / h in four seconds. The maximum speed is given as 150 km / h. Segway is still silent about the range.

The engine draws its energy from a fuel cell in which hydrogen and oxygen are converted into electricity. The highlight of the hydrogen supply is a cartridge system. The pressure vessels should be easily exchangeable by the user. It is possible that Segway-Ninebot wants to use this to circumvent the problem of the non-existent nationwide hydrogen supply.

Segway guarantees that the electric hydrogen hybrid motorcycle will actually be built. Segway APEX H2 is scheduled for delivery in 2023 from a price of 9,000 euros.

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