The two different variants of the BMW iX rely on powertrains that differ substantially from each other in their performance. While in the BMW iX xDrive50, the torque is 765 Nm together with 370 kW of power (503 hp), in the BMW iX xDrive40, we find 630 Nm together with 240 kW of power (326 hp) in the BMW iX xDrive40. Acceleration from zero to 100 kilometres per hour is 4.6 seconds in the BMW iX xDrive50 and 6.1 seconds in the less powerful.

The size of the battery also differs depending on the version, being 111.5 kWh in the BMW iX xDrive50 and 76.6 kWh in the BMW iX xDrive40, thus achieving ranges of 630 and 425 kilometres, respectively.

Ultimately, BMW has delved further into the market launch of the BMW iX, also going into details about its equipment. The German BMW iX electric SUV is to run on streets at the end of the year, more specifically during November.

It will be available under three different interior design lines. The Atelier is standard and incorporates Sensatec surfaces. The Loft is immediate and elevates the quality of the interior by providing fabrics with a better touch and microfiber and an instrument panel with a printed colour gradient. The Suite finish is the highest and includes natural leather surfaces.

In terms of equipment and among an extensive list of elements, the frontal collision warning stands out, which now also detects approaching traffic when turning left (in countries where vehicles travel on the right) and pedestrians and cyclists when turning right. In addition, safety systems include a crossing alert with city braking function, steering and lane departure warning assistants, active cruise control with speed limit assistant and "Parking Assistant", a backup camera and the parking assistant and optionally has a remote theft recording function.

BMW has also mentioned in its latest statement the technological potential that the BMW iX has thanks to new equipment aimed at promoting the development of automated driving and parking functions. It consists of five cameras, five radar sensors, and 12 ultrasound sensors that monitor the environment of the electric car in question.


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