Norway's largest online grocery store, Oda, is growing its car fleet with 49 specially built Ford Transit 2T refrigerated trucks. According to the plan, this number will double over the next few months. The first 49 Transit 2T vans have been converted to complete refrigerated trucks by Ford's certified conversion partner, Lafinto, and are ready to be put into operation. The plan is to double this number over the next few months.

For Ford, it is very gratifying that such a professional and future-oriented player as Oda chooses our Transit 2T when they buy new vans. The operating costs and, not least, that you get the most van for the money, are among the most important reasons why the Transit 2T is the best-selling van in Europe. Ford is also a supplier of the first vans for investment in Finland.

The potential for E-Transit, which in many ways represents something completely new in this segment, is enormous. The combination of high load capacity, long electric range, many variants and several new digital aids that help the owner get the most out of his car, is unique in this segment.

Ford is a complete supplier of commercial vehicles and has products in all segments. By 2024, all of their commercial vehicle models will also be available as fully electric and/or rechargeable hybrids. Next year, Ford will introduce the Ford E-Transit electric van with a range of up to 350 kilometres. It has the same cargo space and can be specially built, for example as a refrigerated truck, like today's Transit 2T.


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