The Scorpionship community is one of the brand's pillars: a growing community of over 160,000 Abarthisti worldwide passionately expresses their love for the brand, its history, and its creator. It is similar to a large family that attends Abarth events and pays special attention to the development of future models. This prompted the idea to solicit feedback from fans actively – they are now being asked what future Abarth vehicles should look like. In addition, the Abarthisti take an active role in the contemporary application of ideals like style and performance.

"Our original and distinctive strategy is to involve the Scorpionship community to build the brand's future together," stated Olivier Francois, CEO of FIAT & Abarth and Global Chief Marketing Officer of Stellantis. "We chose the AVAS sound as a starting point because we want to convert a daily, lawful sound into a distinctive Abarth trademark!"

We are interested in learning your expectations for the cars, how they should sound, and the driving experience they should provide. As a result, we launched our social media channel's "Performance Creator." It is an interactive tool that allows our numerous followers to help shape our future by pursuing our shared principles of design and performance – which have always defined Abarth in the sports car industry."

It begins today with an online survey, which will be conducted on the official Abarth Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok channels. The outcome will serve as the inspiration for the new Abarth AVAS sound.

The AVAS (Audio Vehicle Alert System) is an acoustic warning system for pedestrians that alerts them to the passage of a battery-powered vehicle traveling at less than 20 kilometers per hour for safety reasons. This crucial aspect, for Abarth, transcends essential technical execution. Instead, it becomes a creative instrument for expressing Abarth's distinct and lively flair. And, as usual, the brand takes a new approach: fans are consulted and engaged in the decision-making process. Thus, a straightforward and essential security technique is transformed into a community-recognized sound.

In the "beginning grid," three distinct electrified Scorpion "Roarers" are accessible. After all, the "hot" sound is a hallmark of Abarth, dating back to the company's infancy. Indeed, the scorpion's sound is an identifiable signature that adds Abarth's explosive personality to everyday traffic.

The first track, named "NEXT TRACK," is inspired by Formula E's unique blend of performance and creativity. Maximum acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h is accomplished in this racing series without emitting any pollutants. The second sound, CYBER FUN, is aimed squarely at a younger demographic: it suggests a digital experience directly from the world of video games, promising both performance and fun - even before it hits the speakers. Finally, there is a third recommended sound: it is rebellious and performs consistently with rock music. That is why it is also known as "ROCK'N ROAR." Accented by brash rock guitars, the sound embodies the genre's subversive and eccentric spirit, as do Abarth vehicles. These feelings are quickly transferred to the user, as with every Abarth. The renewed promise of pure emotions has been a cornerstone of the brand since its inception, symbolized by the scorpion in its emblem. Today, it is embodied in the qualities of "style" and "performance" – and, for the brand with the scorpion, it will also be a component of future mobility.

Scorpionship is a free community with over 160,000 members. Currently, there are 93 recognized clubs located in 22 countries across four continents. A passion that knows no bounds, as demonstrated by the conquest of a Guinness World Record at the end of 2020 on the occasion of Abarth Digital Day: to earn the prestigious certification, Abarth enthusiasts gathered online. They energized a spectacular online event dedicated to the world's largest digital gathering. They shared 868 images of their autos on a dedicated Facebook page in less than an hour.


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