The rustic style is defined by simplicity, warm atmosphere, comfort, welcoming, and accents reminiscent of nature. Arrangements, rustic handmade or purchased decorations, textiles, and furniture are made of materials such as wood, fabrics, stones, or metals. The colors used represent nature, the most used being brown, green, blue, yellow, beige, white, and so on. Strong colors are not present in this type of arrangement.

The rustic style's advantage is that it can be combined with the elements that belong to other styles, but not in large proportions. It started as a style of arrangement used in old houses or cottages, which is still very present in the mountain area. 

Regarding the interior of a rustic style home, as you found out above, the furniture and other furnishing elements must be made of wood or metals.  

Rustic decors can be made of two types of materials and, in addition, stones or fabrics. 

Interior decorations for rustic houses are objects reminiscent of nature. Therefore, whether they are paintings, plates, decorative bowls (representing perfect rustic decorations for the kitchen), wall clocks, candlesticks, or other decorative elements, because they fit into the rustic style, they must be of the materials mentioned above. In general, a rustic home's walls, ceiling, and floor are made of wood or stone, but if this is not the case with your house or apartment, you can use wallpaper with patterns that resemble these materials. 

The exterior of the house, especially the garden and terrace, are key points that deserve to be decorated in a rustic style. You can do this to give a more natural and welcoming air to the house's exterior and complete the interior design that is part of this style.

Although both are outdoor spaces, the garden and the terrace have some differences in terms of decor.

Rustic garden decorations can be made by yourself, if you are a skilled person, or bought. A rustic garden has many components made of wood, such as a gate, fence, or swing.    

Rustic wooden garden decorations can be considered even pots carved into stumps. The stone ones can even be the alleys that connect with the entrance to the house. The good idea is, for example, to place large decorative stones around the garden or very small fences in terms of height, even between different sections of the garden. In addition, garden dwarfs or stone or wood carvings can be used. 

The arrangement of terraces in rustic style follows the same principles as those used in interior design. However, fewer elements and pieces of furniture are used here, especially if the terrace is small. Generally, a terrace contains a table and chairs, armchairs, or even sofas, i.e., a minimum of comfort for the moments when you want to relax outside the house. The decoration can include stumps as a table or stools, candles in wooden or metal supports, flower pots, decorative pillows, tablecloths,, and garlands of light bulbs or lampshades in this space.

So you saw how you could decorate quite easily in the rustic style. Even if you have already arranged the house in this way, you can always add a little decoration to beautify your house or apartment. 


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