After creating its luxury brand, Genesis, and launching a specific brand for its electric vehicles, Ioniq, Hyundai continues its proliferation of brands by deciding to differentiate between EVs powered by a classic battery and those using a hydrogen fuel cell. The Korean manufacturer, therefore, presents HTWO.

HTWO? Another far-fetched abbreviation? Not quite, its just the symbol of the verbalized hydrogen: H2 becomes H TWO. Also, HTWO summarizes the words Hydrogen and Humanity. The new division will help accelerate the development of an emission-free society.

According to Hyundai, the hydrogen technology will not only be used in cars but will also be found in air taxis, ships and trains. In addition, the costs of fuel cell drives are to be reduced, their performance increased and their service life extended. This is done through a lighter architecture with a higher energy density.

Is it necessary to differentiate between battery and hydrogen cars? All being electric vehicles in the end.


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