The BMW M4 CSL Special Edition is based on BMW M GmbH's successful, high-performance middle-class cars. It was unveiled as the year's biggest event as part of BMW M's celebration of its 50th anniversary.

The new BMW M4 CSL combines old-school racing enthusiasm with cutting-edge technological advancements. The car's unique personality comes from its 40 more horsepower than the BMW M4 Competition and is up to 100 kg lighter.

The BMW M4 CSL Special Edition was constructed specifically for driving on the track, and it has an increased amount of engine power and an intelligent lightweight design, in addition to a model-specific update to the chassis and additional equipment that was developed just for this reason. The BMW M4 GT3, which is the car's brother and which is prepared for racing, is responsible for some of the notable characteristics of this vehicle. The BMW M4 CSL can produce amazing accelerations as a result of its enhanced power, decreased weight, and improved grip. The BMW M4 CSL can go from 0 to 100 miles per hour in 3.7 seconds and from 0 to 200 kilometers per hour in 10.7 seconds in a sprint. The peak speed is limited to 307 km/h, making the BMW M4 CSL the quickest BMW M model that has ever been mass-produced.

The initials CSL stand for "Competition, Sport, and Lightweight," which is a reference to the design that reduces the vehicle's overall weight, which is an essential component for winning in motorsports. In the 1970s, these guiding principles served as the foundation for creating the BMW 3.0 CSL, which, in 1973, became the first car ever to win the European Touring Car Championship on its first try. The famous BMW M3 CSL came out in 2003, and its legacy lives on in the brand-new BMW M4 CSL, which follows in the footsteps of many other notable unique versions that have been made over the years.

The inventive prowess and vast experience that BMW M GmbH possesses in the field of racing enabled them to reduce the weight to 1,625 kg. This results in a power-to-weight ratio of 2.95 kg/hp, an ideal starting point for a dynamic driving experience because of its increased responsiveness.

A weight reduction of around 24 kg was accomplished simply by replacing the regular seats with sports seats (M Carbon full bucket seats). The removal of the back seats and seat belts helped save an extra 21 kg of weight. Changes made to the chassis, such as the addition of supplementary lightweight M Carbon ceramic brakes and specific lightweight rims and springs, contributed another 21 kilograms to the weight reduction. In addition to the roof, the hood, boot lid, and center console are all made of this high-tech, lightweight material. This switch to ultralight sound insulation and a simultaneous reduction in its size resulted in a weight savings of 15 kilograms. Another 11 kilograms were cut using several components made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP). The exhaust system is lightened by four kilograms thanks to the titanium rear muffler, which is also made of titanium.

One of the most exciting events that will take place during BMW M GmbH's jubilee year is the global debut of the brand new BMW M4 CSL. In July, the BMW plant in Dingolfing will begin producing the vehicle in series, and just 1,000 examples will be made available for purchase.

The BMW M4 CSL comes with an exceptional metallic paint job called Frozen Brooklyn Gray as its standard exterior color. This hue is brought to life by the combination of exposed carbon fiber surfaces and red accents, which, taken as a whole, provide an aggressive and aggressively athletic appearance. Customers also can select the metallic color of their choice, which is either Alpine White or Sapphire Black.

There is an option for BMW Laserlight headlights, which provide an additional impact that is more arresting to the observer. In addition, the outside lights, both in the "welcome effect" that occurs when the doors are opened and in the "low beam" and "high beam" modes, emit a yellow glow rather than a white one. This color choice calls to mind famous GT racing cars.

The engine is based on the same straight six-cylinder engine as the M TwinPower Turbo found in the BMW M4 GT3. However, with tweaks to the machine that are particular to the model, an increase from 1.7 bar to 2.1 bar in the maximum charging pressure of the two turbochargers contributed to the gain in power.

Between 2,750 and 5,950 revolutions per minute, the BMW M4 CSL generates its maximum 650 Nm of torque. At 6,250 revolutions per minute, it reaches its maximum output of 550 horsepower. The design of the racing-adapted 3.0-liter engine is entirely centered on the production of the total amount of power when traveling at high speeds. The A M Steptronic gearbox with eight speeds transfers the torque to the vehicle's rear wheels.

The BMW M4 CSL can go as fast as 307 km/h at its fastest.

The dual exhaust system of the new BMW M4 CSL has electronically actuated flaps and a weight-minimized titanium rear muffler. This mix makes a good picture based on race cars and is meant to make you feel something.

Compared to the BMW M4 Competition Coupé, the model-specific wheel suspension results in a height that is eight millimeters lower.

Using the M Traction Control function, which is a standard feature, the driver can control the manual anti-spin system in one of ten distinct stages.

Standard equipment includes forged M metal wheels with a distinctive cross-spoke design. In addition, these are outfitted with high-performance tires designed specifically for the BMW M4 CSL.


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