Technology is always evolving as the years go by, especially headphones. What people see nowadays are wireless earbuds. What are wireless earbuds? Well, wireless earbuds are technically earbuds that use Bluetooth to connect to your phone or laptop. These wireless earbuds have become very common because they are very convenient and just seem to make everyday activities less of a struggle. Are wireless earbuds worth it? I’ll let you decide after you consider the pros and cons of them.

Sound Quality

There are different discrepancies amongst headphone brands. Some of the headphone discrepancies are Qualcomm’s standard is AptX HD, Sony is aiming for LDAC, and Apple uses the AAC encoding. Although, wireless earbuds are also known for receiving CD quality. It all depends if your phone supports the standard. You will have to research the type of device you have and what type of headphone discrepancy matches best with your device. Also reading reviews can help a lot with deciding what wireless earbuds to get.


With wireless earbuds comes convenience. You do not have to worry about plugging headphones into your phone when the earbuds connect to your phone with Bluetooth in a matter of seconds! With wireless earbuds, you just have to take them out of their box and just put them. Imagine not having to struggle to untangle cords that come with your headphones! With wireless earbuds, you are able to move around. For example, when you’re, working out, cooking, going for a run, etc. The distance between your wireless earbuds and device can go up to 30 feet. Therefore, you are not very limited to what activities you can do with wireless earbuds!


There has been a lot of good reviews about how comfortable wireless earbuds are. Sometimes it can be hard to find comfortable headphones because of how everyone has different head shapes. Earbuds were made for everyone to wear because of how small they are and the way they fit perfectly in your ear. Some earbuds come with ‘wings’ that fit into your upper ear allowing for the earbud to stay in place; not just that but they’re also comfortable. You don’t have to worry about these wireless earbuds not fitting in or being uncomfortable.

Battery Life

Battery life all depends on what kind of wireless earbuds you get. Since earbuds are small their battery life tends to be limited. Samsung Gear IconX headphones only last up to 1.5 hours and Apples’ AirPods last up to 5 hours. The majority of wireless earbuds battery life lasts up to 3 to 5 hours. Wireless earbuds that track fitness tend to die quicker because of how much of the battery is being used while the earbuds are tracking the heart rate, Depending on how frequently you use them can detect if wireless headphones would be a great match for you. If you’re looking into wireless headphones, definitely do your research and read reviews to see which wireless earbuds have good battery life.

Fitness Tracker

Believe it or not but there are wireless earbuds that can track your fitness! These wireless earbuds come with optical sensors, hall effect sensors, or gyroscopes. With these sensors, they are able to detect heart rate and real-time data feedback. Some of these wireless earbuds come with the Artificial Intelligent Voice (AI Voice) which can be your fitness coach. These types of earbuds are good for those who work out or go on runs. The only downside of this is that it can drain their battery pretty quickly. If you work out, go for runs, or you’re into fitness then wireless earbuds that can track your fitness might be perfect for you!


Wireless earbuds are trending! Since everyone is wanting to get themselves a pair of wireless earbuds, chances are that they might be a little pricey. You can still look around and get your pair of wireless earbuds for a decent price. Usually, wireless earbuds prices range from $150 to $301 depending on what kind of brand you get. Wireless earbuds keep evolving so the prices might stay in that range.


Overall, wireless earbuds come with pros and cons. Sound quality all depends on the earbud's discrepancies and the device being used to connect to them. They are very convenient for daily activities to roam around not just that but they are also comfortable. The battery life may not be the best but you can always do your research so you can find what type of earbuds would suit you best. Wireless earbuds are also great for those who workout since there are some out there that can track your fitness. It is important to do your research and reading reviews so you can get yourself the perfect pair of wireless earbuds. Although they can be pricey it is up to you if they are worth getting!

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